Help! Rough running after tune-up (cont.)

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Sat May 18 14:00:43 EDT 2002

doesn't matter...
trust me on this one.

get that junk out of your engine, go to bosch's website if you don't
believe me, it states
platinum plugs are for lower voltage ignition systems, not for audis.

BTW, same problem has happened to many, i've worked at a euro repair shop.
scenario goes something like this, i just did a tuneup now my car runs worse.
what kind of plugs did you use? - Bosch platinums, guy at the parts store
said how good they are
blah blah, try these supers, oh problem fixed.

bottom line the platinums are junk for most audi apps and the +4 is not
worth the $.
stick with the OEM recommended plugs they works best.


'86 4kq

At 08:37 AM 5/18/02, you wrote:
>But the car ran perfectly fine with the Platinum +4's in it.
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> > there's your problem!
> > get some bosch supers (copper plugs)
> > all of your problems should subside, trust me on this one.
> >
> > -rich
> > '86 4kq
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> > >Oh yeah, just remembered that PO had Bosch Platinum +4's in it, and I put
> > >in Bosch Platinums.  Will that have any effect?
> > >Sze
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