NAC Chebby V8 problem with Rhoads lifters

rob hod rob3 at
Sun May 19 13:27:32 EDT 2002


    I have a chevy V8 on the operating table which has done 7000miles since
being built and was fitted with rhoads cam followers amongst other so-called
high perfromance parts. At an early stage in the engines life the engine was
sabotaged, probably by someone putting sugar in the gas tank. On that
occasion the heads were removed and the valves degunked but nothing else
done. Apart from that the engine has had an uneventful life (installed in a
Cobra replica). Now however it has some serious issues not least of which is
that the rhoads cam followers are in various states of failure on the face
that follows the cam, and one is completely shot, having gone through the
case hardening and is now 1/16 inch shorter than it started out!
The resulting swarf has gone throughout the engine wreaking more havoc.

   Aplogies for the NAC and WOB but I get the feeling that there might be
someone on the list who could point me to an appropriate forum for such a
topic, or indeed have chevy V8/rhoads experience themselves. In particular
in this case I'm interested in comments concerning the credibility of rhoads
equipment, and camshaft lubrication.

    Thanks in Advance!


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