NAC - Diesel MINI announced.

Ed Birch edwbirch at
Mon May 20 00:04:45 EDT 2002

Donald Lamond wrote....

> There has been some talk on the list lately of the US getting some of
> the VW diesels....

Yep, us 'mericans already get the Golf TDI, Beetle TDI, Jetta sedan TDI and
Jetta wagon TDI.

>Has anyone expected a 1.4 Diesel Mini from BMW?


>it was confirmed today at BMW Groups Annual General Meeting that a diesel
MINI will be >available in 2003. Specification and technical details are
still to be announced, but BMW
> Chairman Professor Joachim Milberg, confirmed that a 1.4-litre diesel
> engine has been sourced from Toyota Motor Corporation.

I doubt the USA market will see the MINI Diesel 'cause 'merican motorists
don't like
Diesel's.......they make too much noise.

Also, gasoline is cheap in America.  Like, who needs 50MPG Diesel fuel

Ed Birch....93-100S

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