Turbo upgrade questions - rhd '85 CQ (long)

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon May 20 12:25:32 EDT 2002

At 16:34 20/05/2002 +1200, Duncan Thomson wrote:
>At 16:33 20/05/2002, you wrote:
>>>two questions pop to mind:
>>>1) Moving the battery to the boot was suggested to give more room for the
>>>turbo setup, but it occurred to me later that my battery is on the right
>>>hand side (looking into engine bay), with the brake booster on the right...
>>>Is the brake booster going to interfere with any of the turbo gear? can I
>>>move it? replace it with a part off a different car...
>>okay, I meant battery on right, booster on LEFT, when looking into engine

I really dunno if the brake booster won't interfere with the WG but it
seems that it shouldn't...
Also, I'm pretty sure you don't want WC pistons in your engine 'cuz the WC
pistons have 79.5mm diameter whereas your KV's bore is 81mm...
Also, AFAIK, the WC was a pretty low compression engine, like 7:1 or
something, and you don't really want that... you'd better source a set of
MC 2 (8.4:1 CR) or better yet 1B/MB engine (8.6:1 CR) and do the
conversion. You should be using the turbo engine management or at least the
spark distributor because if it's the early style with no ECU, it has a
vacuum advance/boost retard canister, which could be at least as cool as a
MAC 1X ECU if set up correctly...
Furthermore, IIRC, the MC/MB/1B pistons don't have the same wrist pins
diameter as the KV (22mm vs. 20) so you'll have to swap the rods as well,
and maybe even the crank if the journals are bigger than on the NA engines....
The easiest block mod without any doubt if you want a turbo, is to use the
american KX/JT pistons which have 81mm diameter and 8.5:1 CR, with the same
wrist pin diameter as the KV... they have the CR you need, no piston oil
squirters, but that's not absolutely necessary...



'85 -OOOO- Coupe quattro (awaiting a 20vt conversion with 310 HP, I can't
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