Subject: 20V/I5 AC Saga

Peter Golledge petergg at
Mon May 20 10:26:46 EDT 2002

Christopher Ritchie wrote:
> As some may remember, my compressor was in 2seconds on 10seconds
> off mode.
> I evacuated the system today and filled it with R134 to
> capacity. No change.
> I bypassed the AC relay and it still does the same 2/10 cycle.

Not sure what you mean by bypassed the relay...  But does it
still do the quick cycle when you jumper the low pressure switch?

My 200TQA was quick cycling with R134A and it appears that Orifice
tube is shot == very low pressure on low side, this trips out the
the compressor.  Waiting on a new tube to confirm.

What pressures are you getting?  That is really the key to figuring this
stuff out.

Peter Golledge

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