EFI question- what about the ISV?????

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Mon May 20 15:26:23 EDT 2002

I left the OE feuling and ignition ECU in the 90tq when I installed the
EFI system. This allowed me to retain the stock ISV, and it works
beautifully. Just had to get the idle switch installed so that the ECU
knows when to fire up the ISV and make it do it's magic.

'89 90tq

Jason wrote:

>In my gathering as much info about my little "project"
>as I can, I was wondering; If you are using EFI,
>totally ditching CIS, what do you do about the ISV?
>Do you adjust idle based on mixture/use the screw by
>the throttle body?  If you do use the ISV, where does
>it get it's inputs from since you don't have CIS
>anymore?  Thanks a billion.
>in the middle of project 4ktq
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