engine cuts out

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Mon May 20 20:21:07 EDT 2002

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My daughters 89 200 starts and runs beautifully, except on several occasion=
s when it just cuts out just before coming to a complete stop at an interse=
ction.  When I tried to start it, I repeated cranked it without any sign of=
 it starting.  After about a minute, I was mentally think it was time to pu=
sh to the side of the road and call AAA, when it fired up as if nothing was=
 wrong.  It happened again on another occasion to my daughter, with exactly=
 the same symptoms -- near stop -- cuts out -- no sign of firing after repe=
ated efforts -- then starts and run flawless.  In her case, she only got to=
 the next intersection when it cut out again.   Same routine, then it start=
ed.  Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone.  None of my turbo Audi's h=
ave done this to me before.

George Kotjarapoglus

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