'87 4kq: A/C: good as it gets?

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed May 22 18:04:40 EDT 2002

Andrew Buc writes:
> OK, I gather that I should have been looking to the side vents. All I can say
> is that the owner's handbook gave me the impression that cooled air came through
> the center vents. No occasion yet to drive around at length w/AC on, but I've
> confirmed that the air from the side vents is subjectively quite a bit cooler.

That doesn't make sense.  If anything, the center vents should be cooler.
The center vents is much closer to the blower fan and evaporator.  The
cooled air would have to travel a much longer distance to reach the
side vents, which would allow the air to warm up somewhat.

The center and side vents both get cooled air.  This is different than
the heat setup on these cars... only the side vents get *heated* air.

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