V8 expansion tank - thermostat

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Thu May 23 16:56:16 EDT 2002

I've done both expansion tank and thermostat recently on my car.  IME both
were pretty easy projects ... the only gotcha was the fact that the T-stat
housing is held in place with Torx head screws!  To find the T-stat housing,
follow the rad hose that goes to the middle of the "V" ... and remove
whatever you need to to access the thing.  As I noted before, it was not a
very difficult task (though not as easy as an I-5).  There is no magic to
the electrical connection for the level sensor and the new tank will have a
new sensor ... just plug the wiring harness in and you're good to go.  Make
sure that the leak isn't simply a bad spot at the fitting under the
reservoir ... I'm glad I replaced it on my car, but when I pulled the old
one out I found the leak was at that attachment ... my old tank was just
fine.  The lower hose is a fairly short one ... perhaps 9" long and attaches
to a metal line toward the back of the engine.  Replacement could not have
been much easier ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)


I have replaced the tank and there are no leaks - I did find it hard to
remove the plug from the bottom

There was a stress crack at the bottom end of the tank.

So, is the thermostat a 30 minute job- from what I hear the termostat is
pried out of its space. I'll also need a new o-ring.
I looked at the engine - is this found behind the rectangular plate held by
4 torx screws ?


Steve Kramer
1990 v8q

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