'87 4kq: A/C: good as it gets?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Fri May 24 04:09:50 EDT 2002

> > The A/C in my '85 4kq gets cold enough that I have to aim the
> > center vents away from my hands.
> This doesn't seem to square with the comments I've gotten that the center vents
> provide uncooled outside air. TIA

the center vents provide *unheated* air.  on AC you are using
recirculated air, and all of it goes past the evaporator so it should
all be cold.  on max cold it should be in the 40's F as I recall.

You probably need a recharge, whihc means you probably (certainly) also
need a leak somewhere fixed.

Huw Powell



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