Phenolic intake manifold spacers

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri May 24 15:30:26 EDT 2002

At 10:33 AM -0700 5/24/02, Ken wrote:

>Some info on the heat insulating spacers that were discussed a few days back.
>On the author's Mazda V6, he reports the following results:
>"The intake ran 30 degrees F (17 degrees C) cooler at cruise and at
>least 50 degrees F (28 degrees C) cooler at idle;
>According to my dyno plots, I gained up to 7 horsepower and 11
>ft-lbs of torque over the major portion of the power curve.
>My best time at the track was ~0.1 seconds quicker and ~1 mph faster."

If you read carefully, he matched the new gasket and IM to the head
with some grinding.

I suspect that is where he's picking up the power, not in keeping the
IM cool.   The air spends so little time in the IM, it's probably not
making any bit of difference, IMHO....note he doesn't show you -air-
temperatures, he shows you -manifold- temperatures.

Never change more than one factor at a time.  He should have run
tests, matched the IM+old gasket, run tests again, then installed his
spacer, then tested again.

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