Newbie to Audi seeks advice: 86 Coupe GT

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Sat May 25 18:24:11 EDT 2002

At 03:54 PM 5/25/02, you wrote:

timing belt isn't bad on these cars. you'll need a 27mm socket for the
crank bolt with a 1/2 drive ratchet and a pipe to go over
the ratchet. get a reasonable waterpump and you might consider doing the
idler (roller pulley)
you can remove the grill or just remove the whole bumper if you get the
proper torx socket. only 4 bolts hold the whole bumper
in place, very easy removal. just take out the turn signal lenses (4 screws
total and behind those dumby reflectors are the bolts

>First, just for peace of mind, I'll be looking to do a T-belt and possibly a
>water pump, as there's some noise up there.  As a start, I've ordered a
>Haynes manual, but am looking into the Bentley manual as well. How big a
>PITA are these "front of the engine" things?  Access looks tight up there,
>but it looks like it might be made easier by going in from the left in front
>of the radiator after removing the ducting, and possibly removing the
>Second, will the spare set of (new) rear wheel bearings that I have from my
>former 92 Jetta fit on this car?  I've seen some info that suggests that
>they might, which would be nice, as the ones on the car are a bit growly
>(typical for VW - Audi, too?).  I've heard that the rear brakes are also
>interchangeable with A2 parts - true?

don't know about this but they might work, compare the parts at

>Third, the only thing I really don't like about the car is the goofy digital
>dash.  Would a set of analog gauges out of a 4000 plug and play?  Any
>problems between 4 and 5 cyl cars?

no plug and play but can be done if you have the bentley and access to a
parts car.
you'll need to change the speed sensor to a drop in gear and use the speedo
cable for starters.

>Fourth, how awful would a clutch job be on one of these?  The clutch doesn't
>slip, but engages close to the floor, so I'm thinking it's on it's way out.
>The car has 134K, btw.
if the clutch engages close to the floor this is good, if it engages high
is when it is almost gone.

'86 4kq

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