200 running cool

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Sun May 26 00:06:31 EDT 2002


this sounds a lot like my 88 500's behavior. it would run cool, never really
past 1/3 of the gauge except when it was really warm out [rare in sf].

and then it would run a teeny less than 1/2 way, not a lot warmer. i had the
tstat replaces at one point, i just figured i had a slightly toocool tstat.

the other symptom was that on very cold days [high 30's low 40's - ok, very
cold for sf] it would run really cool unl;ess i gave it time to get warm. if
i stopped and idled, in traffic or whatever, then it would warm up + stay

88 5k tq r.i.p
searching for next 44 mistake....
I noticed right away that the temp gauge needle only made it to the first
heavy line (about midway to half scale).  If the car sat and idled, it would
reach the midpoint of the gauge.  Start driving, and the needle drops.  I
replaced the Thermostat, and there is no change.  At highway speeds, I reach
the midpoint of the gauge only if ambient temps are 70+ =B0F.  If it is cool
out, the car does not appear to warm up.  I also notice about a 2 MPG
increase when the weather is warmer.
Some of my thoughts:  Another temp sensor related to EFI is bad, and causing
me to run rich when air temp is colder.  O2 sensor has been on there for at
least 100Kmi, Maybe time to replace it anyway...

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