I need a crank position sensor for '90 200qa

scott miller macatawa at hotmail.com
Mon May 27 03:33:28 EDT 2002

My hot-start problem has recurred.  I need a crank position sensor.  The
part is stamped RS-102B.  It's in an aluminum block with RS-101B, and I
can't get them out of the block, so the block with both would be most
convenient.  I think they're the same sensor with different color plugs.
RS-102 or RS-101 from a 5000 should work too, just won't clip into the
firewall the same.  They are on the left-rear of the engine block, visible
below the afterrun pump, held on by two allen bolts, in case anyone knows of
a donor car.

This isn't a common part to fail, and is proving hard to find.  Any ideas?

Scott Miller
Holland, MI
'90 200qa

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