A8 CV boot

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Tue May 28 23:06:00 EDT 2002

Thanks, Brian! I'm actually only helping out when my friend the mechanic
(who's never done this job on an A8 before) needs an extra pair of hands...

Regards, Tom

At 14:59 27-5-02 -0700, Brian O' wrote:

>remove the caliper / rotor, take the axle bolt out, the top knuckle bolt (
>may be hard, they sieze in the knuckle ) and pop out the 2 upper control
>arms, remove the tie rod from the knuckle ( a nut and bolt and a bolt
>)  remove the 6 or 8 inner cv bolts and take the axle out, do not try this
>on the car, the outter cv is too hard to pop back on fully while still in
>the car, vise teh axle, use the axle bolt that you took out of it to
>remove, or pop the cv off the shaft, and i think you must know the rest,
>if your trying this !!!

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