Keyless entry installed in 1989 200q Avant.

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Tue May 28 16:57:24 EDT 2002

I bit the bullet and installed the remote keyless entry into my wife's 1989
200q Avant this weekend. I purchased the 'Deluxe Remote Keyless Entry w/
2-Point Engine Interrupt' from and it works great. I
probably could have used a less expensive system, but this one claimed the

"The Deluxe keyless entry system uses MaxCode Encryption Technology to
securely transmit commands from the Remote transmitter to the receiver
module in the vehicle. MaxCode's "Rock Solid Security" is based on a code
hopping algorithm which uses a programmable 66-bit encryption key that is
unique to each transmitter to generate a 32-bit hopping code. This CIA-like
level of security 100% eliminates the possibility of unwanted access, due
to code grabbing and code scanning."

This sounded like a good thing so I spent a little extra money for this
system over systems, e.g. JC Whitney, that do not claim to have such code
security. For all I know I just fell for some marketing hype, but it really
was not much more money. BTW, this was a very popular mother's day gift for
my wife since we have two little girls, one a 4 weeks old and the other 2
years old. With two young children, generally my wife has her hands full
when she returns to the car, so the keyless entry is just the ticket.

This installation retained the factory alarm in the 1989 200q Avant. It
also retained completely the functionality of locking the old fashion way
with the key. The following pages were very helpful:

The only major difference for my installation compared to these two was
that my keyless unit used a switched ground for 'lock' & 'unlock' rather
than switched 12V. So I wired the Radio Shack DPDT relays (Radio Shack p/n
275-0218c) accordingly using 12V+ on terminal 8 of each relay and the
switched grounds for 'lock' & 'unlock' to terminal 7 of each respective

I have a wiring diagram drawn for my installation if anyone wants me to
email it or if anyone wants to put it up on a site. Just let me know.

The factory alarm beeps when it is armed just like it always has. I did not
utilize the engine interrupt, horn output, or parking light flash
capability of the keyless entry system. Maybe I will go back and add these
features when I run out of other things to do, although I have a natural
tendency to avoid adding things that may fail and keep my car from running,
e.g. engine interrupt.

I taped the two DPDT relays together and put them up next to the firewall
in front of the glove box. I used some appropriately sized terminals
covered with shrink tubing to make all of the relay connections. The
keyless remote unit is sitting on top of the duct above the glove box
secured with wire ties. The location under the right side of the dash gave
me access to all of the power lock and alarm wiring I needed from the looms
going into the right front door. I took power and ground from the big wires
I ran from the battery when I installed the radio. I did spend a while
splicing new wiring across the door hinge area because I found no less than
4 wires broken there. This explains why you could no longer arm or disarm
the alarm from the right side door. It all works now with the remote or the

Next job: New clutch. I am not looking forward to this job.

Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar (SJM), K24, Bilsteins
1989 200q Avant, 1.8 bar (QLCC), K24, Fuchs
1987 VW GTI 16V, 1984cc, Bilsteins
Evansville, Indiana, USA

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