Stebro problem, contact info?

Kwattro at Kwattro at
Wed May 29 10:46:20 EDT 2002

Hey guys,
I had noticed my stebro exhaust getting progressively louder over the last
few months, but busy with school, I didn't do a thing or even dare to look at
it.  Had the car up in the air yesterday, though, and I think I sourced the
problem.  The entire seam around the outside of the muffler has separated,
and the rattle is - well, loud.  The car REALLY turns heads now :-)  I still
have the purchace info, so I'd like to contact Dan and see about a
replacement (thank you, mr. lifetimewarrantee).  Anyone gone through a
similar event with the muffler, or have current contact info?  Thanks,
Carter J

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