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Wed May 29 23:36:30 EDT 2002

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Dave, I do have experience w/ this company. I have mixed feelings with the =
transaction. It all starts almost 5 months ago, yes really. Any way, I orde=
red the B4 hood, radiator core support the grill and trim pieces for the li=
ghts. The rad core support was for the type 89q. The first thing that happe=
nd after placing an order online was that I was prompted to call the compan=
y for the details. When I did, they told me that it would be 2 weeks till t=
hey get the next container. Well ok I still needed to finish the MC swap an=
yway. I called back 2 weeks later and they said another week to ten days. w=
ell anotherthree or four times just exactly like that and I wonder whats up=
. I dont get any good answers. Well, I decided to call to ask if they had a=
ny t89 hoods and the lady said that she only had a B4 hood! I about freaked=
 out but contained myself and asked if she could just fill that portion of =
the order. They sent it to me w/no shipping charge? That kept me cool for a=
 couple weeks. The rest of the order was not there yet so I waited again. A=
t this point, I am still waiting for the core support which I will only rec=
ieve the left and right sides since I have canceled the center just to get =
them to fill the rest of the order! They were to ship last week but said th=
e the shipping hasn't picked it up yet. It's been 1 week since they said th=
ey would ship that day.
    So far the parts are so so. The total cost is like 215.00 for all excep=
t the center support. I will not be complaining about the price and they di=
dn't even charge to ship that hood. But the grill will have to be modified =
to work properly and the hood in fact is this gauge. It looks good though a=
nd has all the needed holes and threads and such. My brackets all bolted ri=
ght on and the hood looks great on the car.
     I normaly keep things to myself but felt it would be worth the time fo=
r many of you to hear my experience w/ this company.
     Brandon Adams quattrorunner at

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