Thumping strut/struts on '93 90q & stereo noise

Brian O' briano_72 at
Thu May 30 06:27:55 EDT 2002

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 its the strut brearings in the front, get oem ones or you'll be hearing it=
 again in about 5,000 miles !! but then again, i did mine and they lasted a=
bout 10k, but i have bilstein sports.  or go with the urq ones and you may =
never hear it again !! you should do the shocks, you have to take it all ap=
art anyway, and the front end will need aligned.
your radio does need a fliter on the power wire, not very hard to do, if yo=
ur hady !!!
                     brian o'
93 90 cs
93 100 csq
88 944 turbo s ( for sale )

  Boris813 at wrote: --
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I just bought the car and there is a definte thump up front when hitting
bumps. The pre-inspection noted it probably needed new front strut
cartridges. Doesn't appear to affect handling, but it's a bit annoying. I
seem to recall seeing something on this list about strut caps that wore out
and thumped . The shop quoted me $550 to do the front struts. Am I correct
in assuming I'd need to pull the struts anyway to replace the caps and does
it seem likely the strut cartridges would need replacement at 70K miles?

Also, any thoughts on fixing an RPM buzz in the receiver/CD. Original box
was replaced by PO with a Rockford Fosgate unit. The store he bought the
unit at wants $70 + installation for something in the line that will suppre=
the noise. Not the end of the world, but it seems a bit high. Are they
jacking me around?


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