'85 5kT starter ???

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu May 30 16:26:39 EDT 2002

> I'm trying to get at the wastegate downpipe connection, but the starter is
> in the way. But it looks different from my previous 5kT. I can only see one
> bolt at the bottom of the starter baseplate. But it's not even really a
> bolt head...It just looks like a sliver of a bolt head. The head is about
> 1/2" long and 3/8" wide. I've never seen that before, and I have no idea
> what tool to use on it. I tried budging it with a hammer and punch. It
> seemed to move a little, but not anymore. What the hell is this thing, and
> what's supposed to be used on it??!!! Thanks in advance.

it's a bolt with a captive head, sort of.  Just undo the nut on the
other end and all should be well, if it is what I think it is.

Huw Powell



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