Head Gasket Time

Greville H. Bowles zaphod at cansafe.com
Thu May 30 16:35:18 EDT 2002

I have a small leak in the head gasket of my '95 90Q that needs attention.
I've been told that it's not too serious and can wait and also that it's a
disaster waiting to happen and I should have had it done yesterday
(depending on who you ask) Being a cautious sort (bordering on anal) I want
to get this done ASAP in prep for summer travels. The timing belt will be
done at the same time.

I've followed the postings here since I got my first Audi last summer and I
have some sense of what is involved and what to expect, but I have

Both mechanics (independents) who could possibly do the job say that I may
not need to replace the water pump, depending on what they see once they get
in there. My gut feeling is to replace everything in sight that moves (pump,
belts, tensioners, etc.) (Did I mention anal?) Other than cost, which really
isn't all that much extra, is there any reason not to replace it all? How do
I judge the quality of a rebuilt WP or should I just go with a new 1 and
avoid the issue?

Any thoughts & opinions are welcome.

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