4kq Transmission

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Front axle, the one that goes into the transmission.


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<< So I guess no one knows anything about any changes in axle flange
sizes on 4kqs?

Taka >>

fronts or rears???   early years use 108mm inner cvs for the rears
...later(post 85.5) use the 100mm inner cvs and smaller diameter shafts
I think the fronts all use the 100mm inners save for the urq which uses
108mm inners up front...early 4kq rear axles can be used up front for 5
conversion purposes ,  if the front 4kq tranny flanges are replaced with

early 4kq rear  diffs are superior ...and are close to the urq setup
save for
halfshaft length (wider for URQ) and gearing....4:11- 4kq......3:89-
URQ...the early 4kq rear shafts look like they're almost twice the
of a modern late model honda (off road)SUV...go figure

true the 108's are over kill , but they were built not to break ....and
rarely do.
pity those axles are now discontinued ....you must now buy the
cv's for $150-$200 a pop....X 4 of course or x8 for whole car( Oh and
forget the headache you'll  have wrestling off that outer CV clip, and
all the fun of cleaning up rusty shafts) ....I got the last set of lobro

complete rear axle sets from Euclid foreign for $125 each side...quite a
..that was several years ago

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