Need Help! Headgasket compatibility 2.1block-2.3head??

Alan Pritchard apritchard at
Fri Nov 1 08:47:59 EST 2002

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I had this exact problem when I redid the head on my cgt, block and head
were the same, but I was given a gasket which extended beyond both like you
say.  At the time I could not get another gasket. So I cut the gasket ad
refitted it together with gasket sealant, and refitted the gasket with
additional sealant around that area, it worked fine for the year or so that
I had it after that.  But this is obviously not an ideal situation.
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Subject: Need Help! Headgasket compatibility 2.1block-2.3head??

Is there a headgasket that will make the 2.3 (NF) head compatible with a 2.1
(KH) bottom end??   I have this combo bolted together right now and a small
part of the water port for the upper radiator outlet is exposed.  It looks
like that port is wider in the head than it is in the block... so where it
should hit gasket it just hits empty space.  Would an NF or other head
cure that or am I trying to do the impossible???

Matt Kramer
'83 CGTt

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