really scary engineering,

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Sat Nov 2 02:56:39 EST 2002

    Well, I'll start with the Pikes Peak car that I know of.  The Suzuki
Escudo was a twin motored turbo V6.  That would be the red car in
Playstations Gran Turismo 2.  There is also a smaller cousin that I can't
remember the name of.  It was the purple one in Gran Turismo 2, but it had
less power.
    I thought there was an article on a twin motor Rabbit / Golf MK1 in
Performance VW.  I must be missing that issue.
    As for other suggestions for a mid engine AWD setup, the closest most
common thing I can think of is a Porsche but it's rear engine.  There is
always the original Lancia Delta.  The rally version was a mid or rear
engine also with AWD.
    I'd also research the Baja Bug.  I don't believe any were AWD, but it
owned desert racing for many years.  If there is anything that can be
converted, I'd start with that.

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> >I "saw" in a mag. a few yrs. ago a VW Golf with twin
> >engines.  Both cross mounted.  The stock one and
> >another in the "boot".  I "think" it was labeled as
> >some rally variant?  Anyone else remember seeing this?
> >
> >Jim Accordino
> >
> It was built for Pikes Peak, I don't remember when probably around '86
would be
> my best guess.
> I just did a search, SJM Auto-Technik says the Dec 1985 issue of VW &
> Magazine.
> Twin engine cars are if not exactly common, certainly out there. I imagine
> of them are done with auto trannies, since it makes controlling shifting
> easier. There was a twin engine Hyundai Tiburon in SCC a year or so ago,
> motors 627 hp total at the wheels. I seem to remember it was quick in a
> line.
> There is of course the totally nuts twin engine Suzuki pikes peak special
> twin twin-turbo V6's, although it is not quite as fast as Rod Millan with
> single 2.1 liter four (ok so it makes a piddily little 1000 hp)
> Twin engine cars, aside from being really complicated are heavy and are
> to be as fast as a fully developed single engine car. Interesting, but not
> the trouble, (then neither is a mid engine awd home built car)
> interesting stuff anyway

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