93 100CS Towing Capacity

wildcat63 wildcat63 at msn.com
Mon Nov 4 11:09:18 EST 2002

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I have a 98 A6 Avant with I believe around 175 hp v6.
I think it's towing capacity was 2,000 lbs. I did find a frame hitch (capac=
ity 2,000 lbs) through a local trailer hitch place (not U-Haul...) they had=
 to order it and their was a mistake on the first one they ordered due to m=
y car being an Avant with the older body style and they ordered one for the=
 99 and up body but they re-ordered it and I had it all set up in a week. T=
hey handled the wiring too for less than it was worth for me to attempt it =
and it was done right.

A 1500 LB tent trailer should be fine. When I was a kid we had a 1980 Citat=
ion V6 (120 hp I think) and we towed a similar sized tent trailer from Minn=
esota to Banff and Jasper in Alberta and then to Glacier and Yellowstone wi=
thout too many problems and that was with three adults and a 120lb old engl=
ish sheep dog. It wasn't fast especially on Mountain Passes but it wasn't t=
oo bad.

Mark Erickson
98 A6 Avant
St. Paul, MN

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