93 100 CSQW: Overheating / LONG

Frederick Smith smitty at pcrealm.net
Mon Nov 4 23:53:07 EST 2002

Sounds like an event I had this summer with my '94 S4 (same C4
body style). In my case my control valve broke in two pieces. One
half separated from the other. Since the fan motor mas squeeling as well
I decided to replace it as well. I also decided to replace the heater
core, since I would "be in the neighborhood".

The fan motor I received was the wrong one, actually the squirrel cage
fan portion of the assy. was wrong. World Pac had put the fan from the
type 44 in the box. The motors are the same, the fan differs in that the
C4 fan is offset toward the blower motor, the T44 extends too far
"right" to fit in the housing.  The fan assy. from one can't be swapped
from one to the other either. with out some greative "cobbing".
Got the correct one overnight.

Next item, the heater core. The C4 core has plastic end tanks, they get
as brittle as the radiator necks with age, so handle them gently if you
decide to replace your heater valve. The hose connections on the
original core are 3/4" (17-18mm?), the finned surface is quite fine.
Far more radiating surface than the early type cores and far more
efficient. While the generic (aftermarket) core is similar in physical
dimension the hose nipples are smaller in dia. and of very thin copper.
Impossible to mate to the larger diam. hose, since you really can't
tighten the clamp enough to overcome the size difference without
crushing the copper pipe. The difference in price between the generic
core and the VAG core is about $40 US. and well worth the price IMHO.
The generic core would require "shimming" with foam tape to get a snug
fit in the blower housing. Secondly any force exerted on the hose
connections causes the end tank to flex significantly. Pretty flimsy
construction and given the difficulty of the job not  the place to
"save $". I ordered a new one from the dealer. The aftermarket folks
will tell you the core is the same as the T44. Side by side comparison
will tell you that is not true. Close yes, the same no.

I guess my reason for the post would be in the nature of a "heads-up".
With the proper parts it's an afternoons work, if you take the car apart
and copmpare the parts to those you have received.....it may turn into a
2 Day job. Your parts sources "sorry" will be of little comfort.

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