44tq fuel pressure accumulator- and "chugging" misfire?

qshipaz at juno.com qshipaz at juno.com
Wed Nov 6 23:08:43 EST 2002

Greetings Audinauts,

Once again on the road for my job, this time in Atlanta for the week. Got a=
 bit of time to think about where I'm going with the Hangar Queen 5ktq... a=
nd one of its less endearing traits.

The car intermittently runs roughly on startup. It seems like a misfire to =
me, but the plugs and rotor have been changed, and (strangely for that diag=
nosis) it goes away. Usually takes about 1 minute of idling or it will smoo=
th out by the time you shift into 3rd if you take off with it running like =
that (gently, of course...)

I was thinking injectors leaking down until I notcied something. The car dr=
ips fuel at the pressure accumulator just ahead of the pass side rear wheel=
. The rubber part looks cracked. Weird: It doesn't do that all the time eit=
her. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only time it leaks is when it's running c=
ruddy... hmmmmm?

Safety disclaimer: I'm gonna replace the accumulator, period. Although this=
 thing is rarely driven (no tags haev a lot to do with that)- I'm not going=
 to let it keep leaking gas. I'm just wondering if the reasoning connecting=
 these two issues is sound?

Mainly, I must admit, the inspiration was the ride I took in Ken's '88 TQ l=
ast weekend. Halloween bashes are always a nice occasion   for  demo rides =
(grin). Mayhap I'll have mine ready by next Halloween (beginning to wonder,=
 but refreshed in my determination to finish it!)

Halloween was appropriate too- that 44' scary fast (ask the guy in the rice=
d '02 Passat...)


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