CGT cooling woes headgasket, methinks?

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Wed Nov 6 15:47:49 EST 2002

--- qshipaz at wrote:
> I've posted on this before. The '86 GT has had weird
> cooling problems since he picked it up. But for the
> last 2 months, it's been OK. Not losing coolant, not
> running hot, etc. It is the cooler season but in AZ
> that's still around 80F. I figured the new cap,
> bottle, thermostat, rodded radiator, and new fan
> switch probably took care of things.
> Wrong (I think). The other night it began to lay a
> large cloud of white smoke and run roughly. Coolant
> had gone inexplicably missing in the last day or so,
> so I think you know where this is heading. That's
> not where it gets really weird, though. It cleared
> out in a block's worth of driving and began to run
> normally again (good power, no smoke), but puffed up
> once back in the neighborhood.

All the symptoms of a head gasket.  Looks like that
head's coming off.  The missing coolant, and cloud of
steam are the dead give aways, even if it's
intermitent.  I had two go in me within six months,
both did the same things.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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