Type 44 alts and EurAsia auto parts

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us
Thu Nov 7 10:03:51 EST 2002

In an effort to reduce bandwidth, I'll try to combine several ramblings
into one message:

1.)  has anyone dealt w/EurAsia in the Denver area?  I just ordered a
110A used alt from them (seemed like a good idea at the time as money is
tight).  I can't say I was impressed.  It's extremely dirty, wasn't
marked by them (just seems like good business practice in *their* best
interests) and was packaged very poorly.  Just how they know it was 110A
model I'm not sure, it may not be?  On the bright side, it works!

2.)  over the past several months I've posted about pulsing lights, low
voltage and a howling from the motor.  Fortunately all were the alt as
she no longer howls at idle and the headlights no longer pulse.  I read
13.98 up at the post in the engine compartment and 13.5 back at the
battery, even with several electrical loads on.  Truthfully that's
nearly a .5 voltage drop and seems like a lot to me.  I hope to
eventually step up to 2ga cables for the battery, and perhaps eliminate
the troublesome splice under the carpet at the same time.

3.)  I will say the design of the alt cases on newer '89ish-91ish is
certainly better than the alt which came off my '86 5ktq.  The '86 uses
a single long bolt thru the upper pivot while the '90 uses two bolts - -
-one on either end; the latter is far more accessible and reduces the
need for a double-jointed dwarf.  Of course this dwarf is still req'd
for re-installing the two upper bolts for that rear plastic alternator
cover; since I was doing this in the dark in 35 degree weather (I really
need a shop) I did not install the upper two cover bolts and probably
never will..........

Thanx for listening, back to your regularly scheduled Q-list

Keith L

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