Advice for new 90tq needed

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Thu Nov 7 11:01:46 EST 2002

--- ed armstrong <edshred2000 at> wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Its been a while since I posted and I certainly
> wanted
> this post to sound more upbeat like "Another 90tq
> hits
> the streets!" but I've got problems and would
> appreciate any input.
> The bottom line is the turbo swap into the 90q is
> done
> and it runs and drives ... but just barely. Tons of
> smoke, no power, poor idle, spark plugs are fouled
> after a few minutes. In a word, it running super
> rich
> for some reason. Strange thing, is that I'm using
> the
> stock CIS fuel distributor and it ran so good before
> the swap occured. Here are a few details:
> 	- Stock CIS-3 fuel and ignition
> 	- MC-1 turbo with new pistons/rings/bearings
> 	- head with new valves and seals
> 	- new plugs and cap/rotor
> 	- used injectors with new seals
> I've done the simple things like verify timing
> (static
> and dynamic), check for spark etc but its still
> running bad. I actually expected a lean condition
> from
> some minor air leak with all the renewed vaccum
> plumbing the swap entails. I never did anything with
> the fuel distributer while it was out of the car. It
> was just lying around for a year.
> Does it sound like the mixture needs adjustment
> (does
> anyone know off hand with direction to turn the CIS
> adjust screw for more lean ?) ? Maybe cold start
> stuck
> "on.". Could bad gas cause this condition (1.5 years
> old in the tank). Maybe I just need to run it some
> more to break in all the new valve seal and piston
> rings etc. ?
> Thanks of any input!

Hmm, do you have and A/f gauge to verify the rich
running?  It may help in trying to see when it's going
rich.  I wouldn't screw with that setting quite yet.
Do you have the little port that goes to the injector
shroud plumbed in before the TB?  That thing caused me
ton's of problems.  If you have the stock MC IM your
probably OK.  It's that little 2" hose that goes
between the head and the IM.  Other than that, check
those hoses again, you may be leaking air on boost
from somewhere.  Bypass valve leaking if you have it
running in blow off mode?  I have a spare CIS-III
metering head still that I got from Javad when I was
having similar issues if you want for cheep.  In the
end it turned out to be my fault as usual.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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