Clutch Slave Disaster

Huw Powell human747 at
Sun Nov 10 16:56:14 EST 2002

>   How many hours should this take, assuming
> nothing unforeseen occurs?

amateurs can use almost an infinite amount of time on that job... I have
heard mechanics brag of swapping clutches in 3-4 hours, though.

>  Is there anything I
> should have done before the tranny is installed?

The tranny input seal is easy so it shuld be done.  A little more work
gets you to the rear main seal.  These are both cheap parts that require
tranny removal to replace.

>  I
> just had my clutch done a year and half ago, is it
> worth it to have that put into the replacement tranny,
> or perhaps put a new clutch in the replacement?

Considering how rugged Audi clutches seem to be, I would just plan on
taking a look at it to make sure it is still good, that it has not
suffered due to your failing slave.

The clutch job should have included a new slave cylinder, of course...

Huw Powell

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