4kq to 90q or cq brake upgrade?

Mihnea Cotet c_mihnea at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 10:31:17 EST 2002

Brady, see comments inserted below:
--- Brady Moffatt <bradym at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just ruminating and out pops an idea. Has anyone
> done a brake swap from a cq
> or 90q to a 4kq? They're all 4 bolt so everything
> _could_ be easy.
> The back brakes on my 4kq are the tiniest discs I've
> ever seen, and I
> noticed that they're bigger on the type 89 cars.
Nope, they're all the same, all of them use 245x10mm
rotors. The calipers are indeed bigger, i.e. 38mm vs.
36 on the older models.

> The front discs on the cq seem to be bigger too.
The cq has G54 calipers with 256x22 rotors (same
calipers and 256x20mm on the 4kq) or G60 calipers with
276x25mm rotors, depending on the type, in Europe the
10v type 89 cq has the smaller brakes while the 20v
type 89 cq has the G60s.

> What about the calipers?
> Do the cq front brakes clear the 14" 4kq mags?
The G60's don't, the others will with no problems.

> ABS is not wanted so that isn't an issue.
> Is this a silly and/or overly expensive idea?
Well, if you want either of these braking systems (the
front ones, the rear only involves swapping the
calipers) you'll have to swap the front strut
housings. I did this on my Euro type 85 coupe quattro
and I used the Audi 80 front struts and brakes. It's a
direct bolt-on but if your car has ABS you'll have to
remove the ABS crown from the front CV joints,
otherwise you'll be wondering what's wrong with the
wheel bearings (don't ask me how I know it!)...
actually they rub in the strut housing until they wear
out and they really make a bad bearig noise!

If you want G60's, you'll have to get at least 15"
wheels because they don't clear the 14", and you'll
have to use either the CQ front struts and brakes, or
the Audi 80/90 struts, Audi 90q20v rotors and calipers
(the 276x25 ones, some 90q20v use the G54 system)
along with a 1/4" thick plate between the caliper
carrier and the strut because of the different offset
(thanks to Carlos for the trick!)...



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