Torsen Differential

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Wed Nov 13 15:14:52 EST 2002

At 9:21 AM -0500 11/13/02, George Harris wrote:
>Well the answers to my previous post regarding the differences between
>the 5KCDTQ and the 200Q are much appreciated, but as is often the case,
>they point out another area where my education is lacking.
>The Torsen Diff came up in a number of posts. What is the Torsen diff?
>Is it some sort of 'posi-traction' that replaces the requirement for a
>manual lock?
>Is it a good trouble free system?

With proper fluid change intervals, good driving habits(not resting
hand on shifter, not slamming the tranny around, etc) and with a
properly adjusted shifter, yes.

   The 200q20v tranny was probably the worst of the type44's; vague
shift feel, extremely difficult to find a replacement, etc.

The torsen can be more of a pain than a help; it limits towing
options(all on the ground or none on the ground; you should NEVER tow
a torsen-equipped car  with two wheels off the ground ANY distance)
and more than one 200q20v has had a center differential destroyed by
monkey lads who thought the car would do "just fine" on a 2WD
emissions dyno(wrong. Cooked the center diff and destroyed the

>Can a transmission with the Torsen
>Diff be bolted into a 5kcdtq with the standard MC engine?

Yes, but don't think it is even close to worth the effort, to be
honest.  I would stick with your transmission, you can easily find
replacements and parts.

Best course of action is probably selling your 5000 and buying a 200.
The interior refinements are worth it alone, in my opinion. Note that
the later type 44's are heavier.

Also, last note- the 200q20v was NOT available in Canada, if you
wanted the 20vt in a type 44, you'd have to import one from the US.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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