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> I've been hacking away, and it's coming along really
> well.  Here's a place where I'll keep putting pics as
> I go along.
> http://www.geocities.com/jeg1976/Header/
> One important thing I've found out is, make up some
> really sturdy jigs.  I have it possible to test fit in
> the car without the IM, with the IM, and on a spare
> head.  Nevermind the PVC, it's a hell of a lot easier
> and cheaper to test fit than SS!  Test4.jpg is the
> final design, it's slightly different than the others.
> I switched runners 1 &2 so the pulses would come
> into the colector one next to another to form a vortex
> or something....  The tubes are not going to be equal
> length, I was trying, but I kept ending up with areas
> that would be impossible to weld.  Plus this things
> hard enough to fit in there.  I had all the flanges
> done by a friend on a water cutting machine.  I'll
> make the CAD drawings for the flanges available once I
> have everything done, and I know the design's OK.
> Later,
> =====
> Jim Green

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