OK, this really sucks

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 14 15:54:37 EST 2002

Hate to tell you this, but with 200hp and nearly the same weight my 98 4.3 V6
Blazer would stick with you too... Wheelspin would probably get me though. Don't
tangle with a dorF Lightning - them's 390 rarin' horsies...

agaidos at got.net wrote:

>  So I'm at a metering light waiting to get on th freeway. For those that don't
> know a metering light is a form of social engineering. Anyway in the lane next
> to me is a guy in Chevy pickup truck. I'm not paying any attention to him
> because I'm watching my light and counting to 8 (they were timed to 8 seconds
> this morning).
>  So at 7 I've brought my rpm up to 2500 and at the count of 8 I'm gone. Well
> guess what? So is this guy in the Chevy! I figure no prob. 7200-shift. He's
> still right next to me. 7200 shift to 3rd and he's still right next to me. Two
> lanes merging into one, coming up on 7200 he is still right next to me and not
> backing off. I lift just before I go to 4th because it didn't look like I'd
> make the lane without being an asshole. I am already completely embarassed that
> some pickup truck is neck and neck with my 90q20v and that I have to lift.
>  BUT! to throw salt in the wound this asshole jams on his brakes as I slide in
> behind him forcing my to quickly dive for the left lane. There was no one in
> front of him! He was just being an asshole.
>  I'm thinking if some 2001 model year 3/4 ton chevy pickup truck can beat my
> 90q20v I need a new car.
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