4kq center differential noise

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 14 15:52:50 EST 2002

On my 89 200q, the noise get progressively
worse/louder until I KNEW what it was.  A wiggle of
the output flange and the gear oil leaking confirmed.
The rear bearing was crumbs.  Less than $25-30 for
both bearings (1 at the front and rear of the Tors*n
and the seal.  Actually a piece of cake.  I did the
job after coming home from work and was ready the next
day.  I HAD the stuff and gear oil already.

Jim Accordino
ps- check the output flange for excess play or gear
oil leakage

--- William Perron <w_perron at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Experiencing a whirring/turbine/bad bearing noise
> from
> the center differential area.  Related to road
> speed.
> I had read previosly on the list that this might be
> the front CV joint on the center driveshaft, or
> possibly a bearing in the center differerntial.  I
> finaly was forced to drop the center driveshaft due
> to
> the failure of the center support bearing.
> Unfortunately, the whirring noise is still there
> without the center driveshaft installed.  It is
> definately coming from the rear of the center
> differential.  I know that a few of you had tackled
> the replacement of the rear bearing in the center
> differential.  Any tips/procedures would be
> appreciated as well as approx cost of bearing- i.e
> does it make sense to install a complete used
> transmisison?  Can the bearing replacement be done
> with the transmission still in the car?
> PS- I was able to drive the car around town w/o the
> driveshaft w/ the center differential locked.  It
> did
> not want to stay locked at highway speeds though.
> Would this indicate a weak differential lock servo?
> Thanks,
> Bill Perron
> '85 4kq sans center driveshaft
> '95.5 S6 Avant
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