another 90qt update

ed armstrong edshred2000 at
Fri Nov 15 10:38:31 EST 2002

Another round of testing and I've got new results.

Jim Dupree suggested I do the output diagnostics test
whereby you first put the fuse in the pump relay, then
turn on ignition, then pull the fuse. I didn't know
these tests existed ! [Thanks Jim, I eventually found
the procedure in my CD manual].

Anyway everything checked out except for the
differential pressure regulator (DPR). There should
have been 10 ma when the full throtle switch closed,
but it was 0 ma. The carbon canister, idle switch and
cold start valves all checked out (audible clicks).

Bad news is that I'm still getting 0ma at the DPR.
Good news is that now doing the input diagnostic
checks (turn ignition on, then insert fuse) the only
code I get is 4444 (no fault). The 1111 (bad computer)
has disappeared !

I actually determined that at some point I had the
switches to the carbon canister solenoid and DPR
reversed. I thought I had double checked all the
wiring a long long time ago but somewhere along the
line I messed up big time!! Its back the way it should
be and I confirmed the wire color codes with the
wiring diagrams in the manual. Possibly could I have
done damage to the DPR wiring circuit by running the
carbon canistor signal through it ? I guess I'll have
to trace the DPR signal all the way back to the
computer (which looks like a bitch to remove) to see
whats up.

Thanks for all the offers for backup  CIS-3 computers.
I'm still testing at this point.....


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