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Sat Nov 16 17:35:56 EST 2002

    Its highly unusual for a pull problem to be caused by a rack, Either
they leak fluid or they get worn and cause vagueness in the steering, but
not usually a pull in a given direction.

    If the shop is saying that they can't do the alignment 'cos the rack is
too worn to get it right,  then fair enough, but I'd suspect there's a
different reason for any pull. You'd be right to check tyre pressures first,
then if the car has been inactive check that the brakes are not binding or
'frozen'  and then go from there through the suspension and steering system.


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> Hi all,
>  Since my accident last week when a 19yo drove into the side of my '90 V8q
> rendering it useless till the ins co settles, I've brought the reliable
> 4kcsq back to life. Till I went to have it alligned. I noticed a small
> to the right on the way over to the alignment shop but thought it was low
> tire pressure. Iget a call from the shop. Bad news steering rack. Fount a
> remaned one from Blauf. for $289./$150. core and a 1 year warrantee.
>  Looking for the best deal since I'm poor, and I'll be looking for any
> for assistance.
>  Also I'll be looking for a replacement for the V8. Don't think it'll be
> another V8 "cause of the repair costs(why I'm poor).
> Paul
> 86 4kcsq \ / front wheels
> 90 V8q squished doors
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