3B transplant - No Spark help

Bob bob at audisport.com
Sun Nov 17 12:33:58 EST 2002

heh.. Im in the same boat with my 3B although I didnt start digging into
it yet. Make sure the grounds for the ecu are all good and triple check
the distributor timing. FWIW there is no cam sensor on the 3B, so Im not
sure Id trust his vag meter!
When you figure it out, let me know, It may solve mine too!! :)

Thompson Smith wrote:

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>Scott et all - 20v'er gruppe,
>A local friend of mine, Pete Flagg (Autohaus) has transplanted a 20v'er 3B
>into a 1990 Coupe quattro. He has everything hooked up correctly and is NOT
>getting any spark. My very first comment was, "Pete, did you double check
>the timing of the distributor"? He said yes, but I still think that might be
>it. He told me that as soon as he turns the starter over the injectors loose
>power and the power from the ECU to the ignition is null.  Any BTDTs on
>this? Where should we start? He has double checked all PIN outs on the ECU
>with sensors and everything is fine. Even the VAG 1552 gives us an ok.
>Except, Pete said that it kicked back a code for the cam sensor. That might
>be it? He did say he installed a brand new cam sensor though, and new knock
>sensors. BTDTs would be mucho helpful.
>Where should we start with this? 3B needs help.

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