no start this morning, aaaargh!

Nathan Engelbert n-engelbert at
Mon Nov 18 09:50:11 EST 2002

So, the 89 90q didn't/won't start this morning.  This past friday I put in a
new O2 sensor to try to fix the POOR fuel economy that I have been
experiencing lately, no such help.  I pulled the ECU fuse last night to
reset the unit, go out this morning, forget that the fuse is out until I
realize that the fuel pump isn't coming on when I turn the key.  I had
cranked the car twice before I realized this.  I replaced the fuses, and the
fuel pump runs again.  BUT, the car won't start.  I checked the hall sensor
output, flashing LED.  I checked for spark by pulling off the
coil->distributor wire and cranking, definite spark.  I tried to pull codes,
crank 5 sec, try to pull codes with ignition still on, the car won't display
ANY codes, not even 4444, but all the fuses are fine.  The LED comes on when
I ground the signal wire, just don't get any sequence of blinks afterward.

I think that I may have flooded somehow, so I pull and dry plugs, nothing.

Spark, check, Fuel, check (plugs smelled of gasoline when I pulled them, but
only faintly, and they weren't visibly wet), Air, I think check.

Ideas?  Car may make it into the shop today if I can't make it work soon!

I'm in north suburbs of Chicago if anyone wants to save me.

Nathan Engelbert
89 90q

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