More on the Tall Pines Rally...

luke maytagasm at
Mon Nov 25 19:35:25 EST 2002

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wish id got to meet you... well im sure i did...i was the only guy there in=
 a red audi sport north america hat (you cant buy them in red, my girlfrien=
d had to beg the r8 team to get one)

>From what I heard Frank and Dan Sprongl actually went out on the 5th turn,=
>can you confirm either way?  Did you see the roll??  I was on A3 burning
>through film pretty quick...and missed the roll. According to Frank they l=
>up all four and slid off the road...rolling it down an embankment

we went back that night and drove the corner... im pretty sure its corner 2=
.=2E. if not its the second noticable corner. didnt get to see him, but it =
was right after he took off... he was going to fast.
an eye witness said a rear tire caught the edge, they locked, then rolled (=
LOCK AND ROLL! :) haha )
the same eye witness, who was a writer for prn magazine said he got to go i=
n the car on sprongls third trial run. the trees were banged up pretty bad,=
 and the property owners were mad... its a scary scary looking corner. that=
 justy was awesome on that turn, unforntunately i didnt get to watch from t=
he best location, some marshals came and kicked us out of our spot so they =
could steal it (i was this || close to throwing a rock at one of their head=
the next day me and a friend took an 87 sentra down most of the course. tha=
t corner where the justy almost went in and the scirocco spun out is nuts..=
. the longer one is 100 times scarrier in the daytime... one mistake and yo=
ur car is upside down in the water. i saw marks where about 4 cars went off=
 the road... and i almost went off the road once myself on a forest service=
 road... there was a loose spot of gravel halfway into a turn. my back end =
swung out and the car almost went sideways into the ditch but i spun it 180=
 to recover and almost went into the other ditch. it might have been where =
one of the other cars went in because the gravel must have been so loose fo=
r a reason. if i was in my audi it wouldnt have been a problem though.
the guy driving the justy was awesome... he honked everytime he came up to =
spectators... probably everyones favourite non pro driver.
the golfs did some great driving and so did the lunatic in the eagle talon.=
.=2E WOW... he was a nutbar...
i wasnt the least bit surprised he blew a head gasket :)
next year i know where to get all the good photos where there are no specta=
need a co-driver or pit crew? :) best way for me to learn i guess...
did you get to see the iron bridge where the cars where coming backwards? o=
ne of the evos came in oh so close to the guardrail... it was beautiful
i only got to see the roll cage in that 1/2 s2.. it was as basic as you can=
 get... an X from the rear suspension mounts

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