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Tigran Varosyan tigran at tigran.com
Tue Nov 26 01:42:04 EST 2002

Hi Huw. I have been trying things suggested. Tonight I have just been
reading information from emails getting some clarification on a few points.

I went to test the injector like you describe (pull it out, bypass the pump,
move the plate up and down) Sounds like a great test, cant belive I didnt
think of doing it myself.

Went to do that today, and found that the fuel pump which was working great
and cranking out 110+ PSI just the other day (with some horrible loud
noices) is dead. Like a brick, nothing at all. Took it out, hooked it up,
can feel it jitering in my hand a bit but certainly not spinning/pumping.
Not sure if this is a new problem or the cause of the whole ordial.

Local dealer was out of stock on the pumps and as I mentioned I am home
bound without a car so I need one NOW. Called Junk yards, nobody had one...
Called Schucks, picked one up for $170. Went to put it in today and did not
get done as it was freezing cold outside... Going to do it first thing
tomorrow and do the injector test.

Far as filters,

Fuel filter -- Changed.
Air filter -- Changed.
Fuel tank Pre-filter -- I assume to be very OK as I got dranched by VERY
fast moving gasoline out of my tank when I removed my fuel pump (yes I had
it pinched off but the clamp fell off when I yanked to get the pump out).
Gasoline -- Not old. Filled up just last Monday and have used up about 1/4
of the tank before the car died.

The PCV hole that a few people mentioned (the one in the back of the rubber
trunking on the bottom side by the battery). Few people suggested hooking
that back up. I am trying to elliminate any possible secondary problems. The
hole is plugged on the rubber hose with an air-tight plug. I want to make
sure that a faulty PCV valve or fuel vapor cansider is not messing thing up
by allowing a large ammount of un-metered air into the engine. From what I
understand of the system with that hole plugged as it is now, the engine
should run.

The Vac line diagram you have (and Huw let me please say that your site is a
SAVIOR of my sanity) is close to my configuration but is not exact. Few
connections are different and I am not sure what/where a few of my devices
are. For instance the vapor canister, I have no clue where it is. I have 2
hoses coming out of pass side fender that are a mystery to me. Also the
little vac sensor on the side of the distributor, I think there is something
wrong with it. I hooked up a rubber line to it then blew and sucked to see
what it did... The air went right through it... Not quite sure what to make
of it... Ether way that only adjusts the spark timing a few degrees when
cruising for better fuel economy, right? #138 problem on my list at the
moment :)

Obviously I have put the fuel distributor back together (wish I talked to
you guys before I tore it apart) it did not seem at all complicated... Few
i-bolts a plunger etc. I could not get the actual corpse open, maybe for the
good... Anyhow, its back on the car, nice and clean and ready for action...

I will keep the group updated as to what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for all of the advice and help.


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> Some procedures on where to tap into the system and what pressure should I
> see at those points would be great. So far all I tapped was the fuel line
> coming into the fuel distributor.


If I can try to put this nicely... many of us have suggested many
different, often quite easy, tests to perform.

before it makes sense for us to try to keep going, we need reports on
those tests...  I realize I can't speak for anyone else of course, it
just makes sense to phrase that sentence that way.

I know it is tough to pull an injector, but you have to do it.  Be
careful, get one out, and see if it sprays under the conditions
previously described.  Change your fuel filter and air filter.  There is
a vacuum line diagram on my website, I think, that is probably
moderately accurate.

many of the tests have only required ohm meter type work, have you done

Don't worry about understanding the whole system all at once, first,
let's try to get that car running and go from there.

Most of the things people have mentioned are the most common things that
will go wrong with your car.  many of the people trying to help have
owned several of them.  The fuel distributor itself is an unlikely

Huw Powell



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