E-brake grease seals

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 26 14:41:51 EST 2002

Audi's kind of slick.  THEIR grease/oil seals are
all/mostly odd widths.  Like the e-brake cam seal.
16mm x 24mm x "7"mm.?  I think that's the size.  Nope,
nobody has it.  BUT they do have 6mm or 8mm thick.  I
went with 6mm.  I just drove the shell flush with the
casting.  They were like $2 and change each.  In stock
at the bearing supplier.  I have found this odd
thickness with several seals.  O.D. and I.D. are the
only IMPORTANT #'s.

Jim Accordino

--- SJ <syljay at optonline.net> wrote:
> Jim
> I used Sil-Glyde (NAPA P/N 765-1351) when I repacked
> the e-brake insides.
> This stuff is designed for brake applications. It
> wont affect or be affected
> by brake fluid. I also packed this stuff on the
> outside of the lever seal to
> keep water out.
> Konstantin did some research on the O-rings and
> greases a while back.
> O-rings swelled quite a bit in standard
> oils/greases.
> I rebuilt my calipers without replacing the lever
> shaft grease seal. I could
> not locate/identify the part  at Chicago Rawhide.
> Where did you get the grease seals? Do you have a
> part number?
> SJ
> 85 Dodge PU
> 85 4k - - sold but still on the road
> 88 5kq
> 90 100q
> Thanks, Kneale.  The cables are new OEM (Ate or
> Lemforder) I forget which.  I'm SURE the insides are
> humped up again.  I'll try to track what kind of
> time/results I get on this rebuild.  I know I still
> have caliper kits, pin boot kits and the lower
> o-rings
> for the piston post as well as some oil seals for
> the
> e-brake lever shaft.
> Jim Accordino

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