91 100 "Transistor coil ignition unit" 191 905 351 B Help, Where?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Nov 27 00:05:48 EST 2002

At 9:26 PM -0600 11/26/02, Roland Broberg wrote:

>On the 91 100 5cyl non-turbo, automatic, the album clearly shows the
>"Transistor coil ignition unit, pn  191 905 351 B, in the left
>drivers side kick panel under the hood release, yet it cannot be
>found on this car.  I believe this is also called the Hall sender,
>as opposed to the Hall sensor which is in the distributor.  Has
>anyone found this to be anywhere else?

On the 200q20v, the transistor unit(I believe it is often called the
"power stage") is mounted right next to the ignition coil...on the

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