90Q outer cv on/off

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 28 19:54:21 EST 2002

Don't you just replace it on the end of the shaft and
then reinstall the "new" joint?  It MUST be in there
somewhere if it was present originally.  Probably
still in the old joint.

Jim Accordino

--- Huw Powell <human747 at attbi.com> wrote:
> in order to swap on a used outer cv and boot I have
> (easier than pulling
> the half shaft off my parts car in this cold!), I am
> operating partly
> from memory and partly from Bentley.
> Undid boot, used spare axle bolt to pop joint off
> axle.  Cool.
> But does this not mean I have now also removed the
> circlip from the end
> of the axle shaft?  Since it isn't there any more...
> How the heck does one replace it upon reassembly??
> --
> Huw Powell
> http://www.humanspeakers.com/
> http://www.humanthoughts.org/

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