Broken into Audi on Thanks Giving Morn

Tom Nas tnas at
Fri Nov 29 19:03:25 EST 2002

Yup, I've had two attempted break-ins and one succesful. Believe me, the
type 89 door handles are no advantage here! The jerk put a screwdriver in
my driver's door lock and just levered until the door handle (cast iron)
broke and the door skin warped to h*ll.

Fist time- 600 euros damage. Second- 400. Third- 700. Plus 10 euros for the
actual loot: three copied CDs and a cellphone charger. Fixed the damage
myself and learnt that whatever it is, however worthless it is to you, some
drug-crazed git will nick it. Now my CDs lare covered with road maps, I'm
even more conscious to leave the glove compartment open and leave nothing
of value in the car.

Sorry to hear about the break-in, I sympathize. Sounds like your git did
even more damage than mine.


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