Anyone made custom powersteering hoses for 89 200?

james accordino ssgacc at
Tue Oct 1 18:09:07 EDT 2002

I just bought the hose from the pump to the bomb
within the last 6-9 months.  I don't remember what it
cost offhand, but it WAS considerably less than the
$125 for the pump to rack which is why I'm using that
lame knockoff hose.  Maybe $40.?  BTW, that one was
common stock when I called.

Jim Accordino

--- Gerard <gerard at> wrote:
> >Also, this is the high pressure hose from the pump
> to the rack,
> Gerard I'm
> >not sure if they carry the other hoses or not.
> No, they don't. I checked last night. The only hose
> available is
> the one you mention. For $22 or so it isn't bad. I
> might as well
> get it. I will put a damper sleeve over it. The
> other hose to the
> bomb will have to remain as it is as no-one makes
> that with the damper
> section in it. Then there is the return line to the
> reservoir, but
> I reckon that might be easier to replace as I don't
> think it has
> anything in it.
> What hoses are there on the rack that can be
> replaced?
> What was the reason the hoses cause noise?
> I am going to call some local shops today and find
> out about rebuild
> kits and what they have on offer.

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