New Baby - 1970 100LS 2-door

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at
Tue Oct 1 21:02:27 EDT 2002

Picked up my new baby yesterday - a 1970 100LS 2-door sedan. Overall, it's
in superb shape. Of course, as a 32 yr old car, it has some problems.
Anyone know any good parts sources for these buggers?  The car came with an
absolute plethora of parts but some things I still need ie: brake calipers
and/or rebuild kits and a master cylinder (brakes frozen).
Crazy Audi has inboard brakes up front....2 piston calipers with 11" solid
Other things I was lucky enough to walk away with include CV joints/boots,
spare bumper, steering damper, shocks (do these have a shelf life?) radiator
hose kit, almost a complete engine rebuild gasket set, extra carbs, trim,
moulding, almost everything rubber, 3 workshop manuals, a set of factory
"Rallye" lights (vintage Euros?  still haven't ID'd the bulbs yet) and a big
fat grin on my face!

Any info is appreciated!!
1990 CQ 208K
1907 100LS 46K? can't drive it to see if the odometer works!

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