Cheap 4x108 15 Audi wheels wanted

Dupree, Jim dupree at
Wed Oct 2 14:57:43 EDT 2002

How cheap is my set? Well that was what I was really trying to figure out.
What are they worth? They are off a wrecked 90q I bought for the engine and
if I hang on to them, they'll just sit around and collect dirt. I would like
to sell them to a fellow lister that has a use for them, what I get for them
or make on them is a secondary consideration. What I don't want to do is
sell them too someone that intends only to resell them at a profit.
So what is a good lister price for these?


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Yeah, thanks, Huw.  Yes, I'm looking for 15" 4x108 wheels with a reasonable
offset for CHEAP.  I can get brand new konig aftermarket 15x6 alloys for
$74 each here locally.  Therefore, I'm hoping for a good set that is
significantly cheaper than that!

Thanks, Jim.  While the 14" BBS set is appealing, I don't think my wife
would appreciate yet another set of wheels taking up space in the shop!
Then again, how cheap is your set? ;)

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> I have a set of stock BBS wheels from a 1988 90quattro. They have some
> scuffs and I don't have all the center caps.
> What should these be worth to a fellow lister such as John?

nothing, I suppose, since they are 14" rims, and he wants some 15" ones,

> Subject:        Cheap 4x108 15" Audi wheels wanted
> Subject line says almost all.  Must be round, straight and true.  Aluminum
> preferred.  Please let me know if you have a set or two.  Thanks.

Huw Powell

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