switched ECU's =overboost

jason snider jason_chad at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 3 00:37:21 EDT 2002

I got a MAC 11C ECU out of a yard in hopes to chip my '86 5ktq. I went to
test the ECU today and the stock one is a MAC 11B. I went ahead and switched
them (after checkin the archives to make sure they are compatable) and went
for a spin. The gauge read different. I was getting 1.4 bar by ~3500-3800. I
only saw 1.4 bar around 5000 or so with the other ECU. I thought I was
imagining things at first, considering I only switched stock ECUs. But, the
gauge kept going to 1.5 bar and the car stumbled (correct term?). Was that
the boost cutoff? Anyway...I thought I got the hose on the ECU pretty tight,
but I guess I'll have to check that tomorrow. Anybody have any other ideas
about what's goin on? Are one of my ECUs bad? Also, when I turned the
ignition on the gauge read .9. Before it read .7 or .8. I just assumed the
gauge was off and added .2 to my readings (1.2=1.4).---Yeah, yeah, I know I
shouldn't rely on that damned thing anyway.
'86 5ktq

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